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Volt is a European party; locally based and active in almost every European country. Everyone can take part and Volt's European ambition covers communities, cities and regions. Let’s come together locally to change the world.

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Future. Made in Europe

Thinking outside the box

Amsterdam faces massive upheavals. The Covid crisis has exposed deep fissures we can’t ignore. Some have seen their income evaporate while  others can survive fairly easily. The social fabric of our society is at risk.

Our cultural heritage tells us who we were, are and can become as Amsterdam citizens. So we have to take good care of our cultural sector, especially after the dramatic consequences of COVID-19. 

We need a fresh vision for the future to escape from the worn-out notions of the past. We need solutions for urgent problems such as climate, housing and growing inequality. Amsterdam deserves politicians who think outside the box. We need to focus on long-term thinking and connecting. 

Volt believes that Amsterdam has what it takes to emerge stronger from the current climate crisis. But we must dare to make choices and act.

Volt wants a sustainable Amsterdam, a new vision on the economy, , equal opportunities for all, in a modern capital with a soul. 

Amsterdam's mercantile spirit has brought much to the city and its inhabitants, but a city that is attractive to live and work in requires mutual solidarity. 

We are a European party and all our local teams take inspiration from all over Europe. Vienna is a pioneer in housing. Berlin shows how to run a successful urban rail network. Brussels is great at coordinating public transport companies and tickets. The Portuguese capital encourages participation e.g. with Lisboa Participa, a project for residents to help decide how the city invests.

Volt wants an Amsterdam where no one is left out and where you can count on equal opportunities to realise your dreams and build a future in your own way, regardless of your origin, orientation, level of education or gender.

Amsterdam is an international city with residents who come from all over the world. Many of them can vote in the local elections. This gives us an opportunity to participate in local politics that affect us all.

The city is responsible for many things that affect our everyday life. Transport and traffic, cleansing, housing, schools and planning as well as the impact of tourism.

In recent decades, Amsterdam has become a high-tech capital. We want to encourage this and ensure that everyone in the city shares in the benefits, making the city fairer, more accessible and more prosperous.

Volt Amsterdam

Volt is a European party, but locally built movement. We are active in almost all countries in Europe and all our members belong to a regional branch. In this way, everyone can take part, and Volt's European ambitions, its concrete plans, can take shape in communities, cities and regions. We can come together locally to change the world. You can find all you need to know about Volt Amsterdam here. 

Click on the link below if you want to read more about our election programme.

Think European, act locally

Volt Calender

De smartphone democratie

30 januari - Pakhuis de Zwijger

Congress Volt Amsterdam

23 februari - Mansvelt | Huis van de Wijk in Bos & Lommer

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