Europe Day

Monday May 9 - 19:30Podium Mozaïek, 191 Bos en Lommerweg

On May 9 we celebrate Europe Day. In the light of this special day, Volt organises an event to discuss an important and very relevant matter in today’s world: EU migration policy.

This evening, our speakers Marieke Koekkoek, Jeroen Doomernik and Imane Elfilali will discuss their views on the topic. What is going well? What can and should be improved? How can we make the EU migration system more humane, effective and fair? And what can Volt do to realise these reforms?

After the panel discussion, the bar will be opened for drinks. The event will be in English.

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Marieke is a member of parliament for Volt.

Jeroen is a senior researcher at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and an associate professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Imane used to work as a diplomat at the Netherlands Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels and in various roles for the Dutch government. She has experience with European policy making and the negotiating that is involved. She is currently a city councilor for Volt in Rotterdam and the local party leader. She is exploring the possibilities of a city ID card for undocumented people in Rotterdam.

Location of the event

Podium Mozaïek

Bos en Lommerweg 191

1055 DT Amsterdam